The Most Versatile, Compact Tree Removal Machine – Merlo Roto

The Most Versatile, Compact Tree Removal Machine – Merlo Roto

The Most Versatile, Compact Tree Removal Machine

The tree removal industry is a highly competitive industry where innovation and safety are key to maintaining long-term success. Work that was once done solely by hand and tool has been replaced by machines that can, in many instances, do more work safely and in a fraction of the time. Tree care specialists need to have speed, efficiency, and safety on the jobsite to get the most from every work day and ensure satisfied clients. This is why the Merlo Roto is slowly becoming the go-to machine for the tree removal industry.

What is the Merlo Roto?

The Merlo Roto is a type of Telehandler that comes equipped with four independent outriggers, 360 degree boom rotation, and a 20 degree tilting cab. The spacious and operator friendly cab comes with AC/Heat, a wide door, and ergonomic seating. When it comes to tree removal, rotos accept Woodcracker and similar grapple attachments. To make operating as safe and easy as possible, Rotos have a dynamic load control system that allows the operator to see the current and maximum capacity in real time. This system considers all factors when calculating capacity, such as the distance from the tree, height of the boom, and outrigger setup.

How Much can the Merlo Roto Lift?

The Merlo Roto gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to power and versatility. The Roto 50.35 S Plus has a maximum capacity of 11,000 lbs., and a maximum capacity of 5,500 lbs. when the boom is fully extended. With a grapple saw attachment equipped, the capacity is reduced by the weight of the grapple saw itself, (average around 2,000 lbs.) This means that the Merlo Roto can easily handle upwards of 3,000 lbs. when making cuts, and firmly grips the trunk when the cut is made. The no-flex boom reaches 83’ to 88’, and lifts from 96’ to 115’ depending on the model.

This kind of lifting capacity is complimented by a small footprint and versatility. The Roto 50.30 S Plus has dimensions of 18’ by 17’ with outriggers extended, while the 50.35 has dimensions of 23’ by 21’. Both machines also come in at under 11’ tall. All Rotos come with 4-Wheel-Drive and 3 different steering modes to allow for easy access to difficult-to-reach jobsites like backyards. Each of the stabilizers operates independently so that Rotos can be fully operational on uneven ground.

Why the Roto?

The level of productivity that can be achieved with the Merlo Roto is unmatched. Other cranes on the market that can produce more lift power than the Roto usually come with much larger footprints that reduce opportunities to work on tight jobsites such as residential properties with limited access. For example, a Tree-Mek with outriggers deployed is 35 feet long by 28 feet wide. Stick booms average around 40 feet long by 24 feet wide. Both of these are going to be around 13’6” tall as well. Sure, climbing and setting slings will always be a used within the industry. But if you want a machine that increases tree work safety and give faster turnaround, then the Merlo Roto provides a perfect in-between that can handle difficult jobs safely and efficiently while cutting your work time in half.

See it in Action!

Check out this Youtube video by Guilty of Treeson featuring Reon Rounds where they showcase the Merlo Roto and all its capabilities!

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