Merlo Tech Talk: The Importance of Boom Sockets

Merlo Tech Talk: The Importance of Boom Sockets


On every Merlo boom are two sockets. They each serve a purpose that ensures the Merlo telehandler is safe to operate.

Sockets Explained

The larger socket is the ‘live’ socket. It has two parts: a base and a cap. The base is attached to the boom. The cap is attached to the boom with a chain.  The smaller socket is just a box. It too has a cap. This cap is attached to the boom with a thin wire.  This box is used as a holding container for the larger socket cap.

Remove the cap of the larger socket. Inside the base are 10 receptors. The cap has 10 pins.  These elements are what makes this socket ‘live’.

When properly aligned and locked into place, this larger socket completes a looped circuit. A closed circuit tells the Merlo software the machine is safe to operate. The circuit is also  closed whenever a Merlo attachment is connected and its ‘socket cover’ is attached correctly.

The smaller box and cap have one purpose. It is the place to park the larger socket cap whenever a Merlo attachment is actively attached to the ‘live’ base.

It is imperative to park the socket correctly.

This ensures the socket cover remains undamaged and readily available to be put back in place once the attachment is removed.  A hanging socket cover is an invitation to damage or loss 

DO NOT leave a socket cover hanging like this.

Socket Locks

There are two socket locks per base, top and bottom. Both locks need two actions to remove and attach the socket cap, or the Merlo attachment cap.  This ensures the looped circuit is complete, and the machine will be fully operational.  

After removing a Merlo attachment, place the pinned socket cover tightly on the  receptacle base. Pay attention that the double locks are correctly engaged.  

The boom socket must be connected to the cap with pins, or a Merlo attachment, for the electrical circuit to correctly loop. Otherwise, the telehandler will not operate. The Merlo safety system will sound an alarm and the unit will not move until this circuit is complete.

If the cap is damaged or lost, contact the AMS-Merlo parts department, with the machine’s serial number, for replacement. / 803-327-4949 

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