The Every Industry Telehandler. Merlo TF65.9

The Every Industry Telehandler. Merlo TF65.9

Merlo’s TF65.9 is specially designed for heavy handling, where performance in terms of lifting capacity, combined with engine power, makes all the difference. Its maximum lift of 29’ easily handles 9,900 lbs. Its 5’ reach can carry 4,400 lbs. without flex. What sets this telehandler, with its maximum operating capacity of 14,300 lbs., apart from the heavy-duty telehandler class is it maintains a compact dimension (17’3” x 7’10” x 8’2”) while increasing maneuverability and versatility of use.

Operator Efficiency

The spacious enclosed (3’3”) FOPS – Level II – and ROPS certified cab with its 360° view (463sq.ft. of glass) is quiet and comfortable. AC/heat is standard. Air flow, evenly distributed within the cab, optimally reaches all areas for first-class comfort. The cab is mounted on silent blocks with hydro-pneumatic suspension. This low frequency system can be switched on and off by the operator. It drastically reduces vibrations inside the cab and facilitates the absorption of the stress and vibrations transmitted during the transfer and work phases, even on uneven ground.

The Merlo TF65.9 is equipped with the new ergonomic auto-revving joystick, developed to reduce operator fatigue, and increase daily productivity. The joystick has the latest-generation hydraulic distributor, developed by Merlo, and associated with the high-flow hydraulic pump.

Machine Performance

The TF65.9 has 4WD with three steering modes,170HP engine, and the Merlo CVtronic continuous transmission. This transmission takes the best of a hydrostatic transmission –millimetric variations in the machine’s movements and load’s positioning—and combines it with new technical solutions.

Merlo designs safety into every telehandler. Its exclusive new generation safety system, the ASCS (Adaptive Stability Control System), checks the operating parameters of the telescopic handler in real time and allows the operator to work in total safety, making the most of the telehandler’s potential and efficiency.

The exclusive Eco Power Drive (EPD) reduces fuel consumption up to 18% with technology that automatically controls and adjusts the engine revolutions based on operating conditions.

The TF65.9 features Hi-Flow technology. This system combines traditional hydraulic features with innovative solutions such as descent by gravity, automated movement control, digitalize actuator position control, and services continuous oil delivery.

Frame leveling is a feature integrated into the chassis. It allows the operator to offset the ground slopes by 8% for continuous safe operation.

Attachment and Towing Versatility

The TF65.9 accepts many attachments. Merlo’s Tac-Lock system for hydraulic clamping makes it possible for the operator to efficiently engage and disengage attachments from the cab.

To maximize efficiency, the TF65.9, as with all Turbo Farmers, expands its offerings with its towing capabilities. Different trailer and implement hooking and braking configurations are available.

The Merlo TF65.9 delivers first-rate performance and unique machine management systems that speed up and simplify users’ daily operations. It exceeds expectations across all industries with heavy duty material handling requirements.

To learn more, and find a Merlo dealer, visit Merlo telehandlers are imported and distributed in the USA by AMS-Merlo, Rock Hill, SC. Contact info: Or call 803-327-4949.

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