Arriving this Fall! Merlo R70 series Rotos

Arriving this Fall! Merlo R70 series Rotos

Adding two new models to its family of rotating telehandlers, Merlo introduces the R70.24 S-Plus and the R70.28 S-Plus. Both Roto models supply high weight capacity in a compact footprint.

Just the facts

    R70.24 S Plus
    Unladed weight (lbs): 43,210
    Max. load cap (lbs): 15,430
    Lift height (ft): 80
    Max. reach (ft): 67
    Max. load at max reach (lbs): 2,000

    R70.28 S Plus
    Unladed weight (lbs): 50,706
    Max. load cap (lbs): 15,430
    Lift height (ft): 91
    Maximum reach (ft): 78
    Max. load at max reach (lbs): 1,800

New cab features
The S-Plus Merlo Roto is equipped with a 20° tilt cab that supplies an operator with visual control at all times of the boom and its load.
Merlo engineers redesigned the cab with a more automotive feel for optimal operator comfort and efficiency. Still the most spacious in its class, the S-Plus cab offers an 8-vent AC/heat system. The ergonomic controls include a touch-control multi-functional armrest, electronic joystick, and touch-sensitive dashboard. For noise reduction and vibration, the cab is mounted on silent-blocks.
Plus, the boom’s Tac-lock system allows an operator to hydraulically clamp attachments without leaving the cab.

The checklist

  • The automatic load management system displays the machine’s operating and safety parameters in real-time on the large, very visible LCD.
  • Load sensing and flow sharing hydraulics allow for multiple simultaneous boom movements and rapid turret rotation.
  • The Hydrostatic transmission ensures precision machine movement.
  • The S-Plus Roto model is equipped with active suspension systems that automatically correct machine placement on uneven terrain for consistent safe lifting.
  • The multi-positional stabilizers can be manually deployed for very precise placement on tight job sites. Or, with one button, the Roto will self-level automatically. The stabilizers’ sensors continuously relay placement information. The load diagram will then reflect the necessary data for safe load placement.
  • 170HP Iveco engine
  • 25MPH
  • Compact footprint
  • R70.24 S-Plus (24’3” x 8’2” [17’3” with stabilizers extended] x 7’11”)
    R70.28 S-Plus (17’3” x 8’2” x [20’8” w/ stabilizers extended] x 10’10”)

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