MF44.9CS Multifarmer. The newest Multifarmer to arrive in the USA

MF44.9CS Multifarmer. The newest Multifarmer to arrive in the USA

Arriving soon in the USA is the latest in Multifarmer, the MF44.9CS. A telehandler with tractor capabilities, the MF44.9CS has a maximum load and lift capacity of 9,700 lbs., with a maximum lift height of 28’9”. Its reach of 19’0” has a max load capacity of 2,200 lbs.

The MF44.9 CS has all the features one would expect from Merlo including frame leveling, the no flex boom, load sharing and flow sharing hydraulic pump, a powerful FPT engine delivering 170 HP, and safety features that includes M CDC Dynamic Load control anti-tipping system.

The MF44.9CS is two agriculture use machines in one: a telehandler for moving and managing materials, and a tractor for field applications such as mowing, planting, and towing.

The 135 HP PTO, and 3-point rear linkage is standard. A potentiometer sets the number of revolutions accordance with the tool in use (540/1000).

This powerful machine sports the CVTronic transmission that goes from 0-25mph without torque interruption.

The Cab

The MF44.9CS cab, still the most spacious in the industry, was designed and engineered for optimum operator comfort and efficiency. It sports 46.28 sq/ft of window (front/rear/side/top) to ensure an operator constantly in view of the load and the surrounding worksite. The split door provides air flow, visibility, and direct contact with the environment.

The suspended cab comes standard with heat/AC, HEPA filtration, ergonomic seating, controls, and highly visible LCD screens.

Reverse shuttle—otherwise known as the motion controls of the machine: forward, reverse, neutral —are on the steering column and the electromechanical joystick. The operator is always in control.

Safety is Standard

Merlo’ CDC system is a patented safety system that ensures the operator always knows how the machine is operating in relation to the boom and its load, and any tool used while in ‘tractor mode.’ The eight-inch LCD screen displays load charts in relation to the machine, boom and load in real time providing the operator with information on the dynamic stability of the telehandler. The MF44.9 CS telehandler safety system includes the ‘traffic light’ indicator on the right-side pillar. Familiar action colors – green, yellow, red – with audible signals help the operator quickly understand the stability status of the telehandler.

Merlo Multifarmer PTO

About that 3-point linkage and mechanical PTO

The MF44.9 CS offers the combination of a 3-point linkage, PTO, and a 70,540 lb. towing hook with hydraulic distributors as standard. An electronic control unit, which progressively engages the clutch depending on the inertia of the attachment, manages the PTO. Efficiency rate is close to 90% of power to fly wheel. All controls are at an operator’s fingertips within the cab.

Nimble maneuverability

Planetary axles that ensure maximum robustness, excellent steering, and exceptional ground clearance are standard on the MF44.9 CS.  Multifarmers are  are quipped with dry disc brakes, automatically engaged parking brake, three steering modes, and rear axle lock systems (for operations with the 3-pt linkage). Also, standard is the hydrostatic transmission with Eco Power Drive for fuel savings, greater precision, increased safety, and optimal ease of use.

Attachment versatility

MF44.9 CS Multifarmer telehandler can accommodate attachments beyond the standard forks, such as buckets (up to 3.2 cu/yd), manure forks with claw, bale pincers, clamps, and forks; hooks on carriage, winches, and others.


For a multipurpose machine combining telehandler productivity, tractor capabilities,and operator comfort and efficiency, Merlo’s MF44.9 CS checks all the boxes.

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