Merlo Tech Talk: The Weight of the Matter

Merlo Tech Talk: The Weight of the Matter

On select agriculture machines, the VGD or Video Graphic Display has an additional screen for monitoring and recording load weighing operations.

Two important screens for AG

The VGD has a number of screens showing various aspects of a Merlo telehandler’s operation. One screen, the Weighing Screen is specific to agriculture uses.  This feature is not available in the P27.6PLUS compact Merlo telehandler. Here, we will look at the TF30.9 main screen and the weighting screen.

Default screen shows all parameters

  • Image of the accessory attached (222)
  • Machine on wheels or stabilizers, if applicable (221)
  • Load capacity chart (220)
  • Position of load (219)
  • Stability threshold (211)
  • Maximum load that can be lifted with selected attachment (212)
  • Load height from ground (214)

Load Weighing is Always Engaged

  • Automatic load weighing is always engaged (224)

Twist the green knob  left or right to access the required screen. Once selected, press the knob down to lock in the selection.  the green knob  now acts as a cursor on the chosen screen. Push the knob down again to engage the subsection on the screen.

For accurate load weight, the Tare can be zeroed by selecting this sub section (11) on the weighing screen.

Weighing Screen

  • Weight lifted on attachment (8)
  • Indicates the last 20 weighing operation stored and the sum total (9)
  • Memorizes tare of installed unloaded attachment (11)
  • Manual weighing of load (12)
  • Automatic weighing mode (13) is not active on this screen; it is only active on the main screen Boom needs to be lower than set degree to activate a new weighing operation
  • Edit data (14) on the table (9)

The Instruction Manual for the TF30.9 goes more in depth on the weighing screen operation. It can be found in Module 1, Section 3, Controls and Instruments.

This AG specific software feature can be added, if not already equipped, to any Merlo Turbofarmer and Multifarmer telehandler. Contact our parts department at

Operational training on all Merlos is available.
Please call our office at 803-327-4949  or send an inquiry to

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