Merlo Tech Talk: Finding the Correct Carriage

Merlo Tech Talk: Finding the Correct Carriage

Carriages are a necessary part of the boom in Merlo Telehandlers and Rotos. They are needed to safely connect attachments to the boom. There are three carriage sizes available. Each is engineered for a specific machine operating weight class. This matters when choosing attachments.

Three carriages

ZM2:  designed for machines up to 11,000 lbs. capacity

ZM3: designed for machines up to 26,000 lbs. capacity

ZM4: designed for machines up to 26,500 lbs. This carriage is specific to the P120.10 telehandler

The Roto family of telehandlers use ZM2 and ZM3 carriages

The ZM3 matches up to the R70.24 S PLUS and the R70.28 S PLUS as these Rotos have an operating capacity of 15,400 lbs. The other Rotos have an operating capacity of 11,000 lbs., therefore have ZM2 carriages.

Why knowing carriage specs matter

All attachments are engineered to match the specifications of each carriage in four categories

  • Connection (hook or pin) to carriage
  • Weight of attachment (and its respective load)
  • Length of attachment (forks)
  • Height of attachment

Attachment connectors (hooks, or pins for the ZM4) are made to meet the specific height and weight requirements. When an attachment is “matched” to the correct carriage, an operator is ensured of safe and optimal performance.

Example: forks

Shown are three different fork “connectors” of descending height.

The far left is specific to the ZM4 as it uses a pin to connect to the carriage.

The middle fits the ZM3 carriage, and the right fork fits the ZM2.  The hook height will match up with the correct bar height on the carriage for a secure fit.

Of Special Note: Coming soon.

Select attachments  designed

to fit both ZM2 and ZM3 carriages.

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