Merlo Tech Talk: Skid Steer Adapter

Merlo Tech Talk: Skid Steer Adapter

There are two ways to connect attachments to a Merlo telehandler. One is using the built-in Tac-Lock system, which recognizes Merlo specific attachments.  The other is adding a skid steer attachment to the boom carriage. This device expands your machine’s capabilities as it allows for the operation of a number of skid steer implements with your Merlo telehandler. Here we will talk about the skid steer adapter.

Safe attachment of the adapter 

1) Remove the existing forks or other attachment from the Merlo carriage. You will need to remove the grid as well.

2) Place the skid steer adapter down flat with hooks parallel with the ground. We believe it is easier to slide the carriage onto the hooks as opposed to standing the adapter on end with the hooks facing down.

3) Tip the carriage down; extend the boom to engage the hooks. You may have to nudge the adapter a bit to ensure the carriage is positioned correctly.

4) Tip the carriage up. The adaptor should be flush against the carriage. 

5) Get out of the cab and check for secure placement of the hooks on the carriage. Plus, make sure the adaptor lies flush on the carriage. The carriage hydraulic safety pin keeps the attachment tight against the adapter plate- if correctly set. 

Connect your first skid steer attachment

1) Depending on the attachment, you will either need to tip the carriage down to engage with the hooks or if the implement is sitting up, maneuver the boom to come up to the hooks.

2) Once the hooks are in place, elevate the boom a bit.

3) You will need to get out of the cab to lock – using the levers – the skid steer adapter plates to the attachment and ensure the cables (hydraulic and electrical) are not hampered by the adapter.

5) Connect the appropriate cables of the attachment to the correct outlets/boxes located on the boom.

You are now free to move around the job site.

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