Merlo Tech Talk: Block Heaters

Merlo Tech Talk: Block Heaters

Merlo telehandlers and DBM mini mixers distributed by AMS-Merlo have as standard, block heaters.

Knowledge Refresher

The term Block Heaters has evolved into a generic term derived from a heater placed in the lower part of the engine or block. It now refers to all added engine heaters, not just those that are installed directly into the block.

Currently, Merlo has the following configurations:

Deutz Engines:
in-hose line

Kohler Engines:
in block

FPT Engines:
in block

How it works

Plugged into a standard, 110V outlet with ground, block heaters act as a heating pad to keep the oil, (and because metal transfer temperatures, other fluids also) warm for easy starts when temps are very cold. The battery does not have to work as hard to get the engine turned over as fluids are, well, fluid.

Fall and Winter Seasonal Maintenance

Before it gets very cold, as a part of your seasonal maintenance, find the block heater plug (usually zip tied to the block/frame when it comes from the factory.)  The cord is hard wired to the heater.

We suggest the following steps:

Plug the heater into a 110V grounded outlet at the end of a work day and unplug in the morning before turning the key. It only needs a few hours to do its thing.

Idea: Setting up a timer to go on  some hours before you head out the door will save on energy costs.

Before you move the machine, find a way to remind yourself to:

A: UNPLUG the heater before you turn the key
B: TIE UP the cord out of the way of moving parts

Out of season (Spring & Summer)

A: Block heaters are permanently installed
B: Zip tie the cord securely to keep it out of the way of moving parts

Still have questions?

Please call our service advisors: 803-327-4949
Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM-3:45 PM and Fridays 7:00 AM-3:15 PM.

After hours cell phone:  704-288-9225

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