Merlo Tech Talk: Eco Power Drive and the Joystick Rev

Merlo Tech Talk: Eco Power Drive and the Joystick Rev

At its simplest, the Eco Power Drive (EPD) is an auto-rev function used to bypass the need of using the pedal to obtain optimum power when needed. The joystick rev specifically directs power.

Merlo’s EPD – Eco Power Drive – system ensures considerable savings by joining the electronic and automatic management systems. These two systems factor in  engine parameters (revs, power curves, torque and fuel consumption), and the operational state of the telescopic handler (speed, weight, up/down gradient, and possible pulling loads) in order to ensure that torque is suitable to exceed driving resistance, while keeping engine revs to a minimum.

The 3 modes to EPD

Found on every Merlo in the USA with an electronic joystick, the EPD, depending on model and application, feature offers three modes of use for different operating needs:

Speed/Cruise Control:  as in a car, is fundamental for transport and towing.  It allows the traveling speed to be set and remain constant regardless of the variations in operating conditions.

 Heavy Load:  allows the full potential of the machine to be exploited.  No RPM restrictions. This is normal operation.

Reactive Joystick: is where the RPM, once set, is controlled by joystick movement. Example: moving the joystick forward supplies more power and speed to the boom. Conversely, moving it back reduces the same.

Engaging the EPD

EDP controls placement on Merlo telehandlers vary depending on the dashboard layout. Some machines have the two switches that make up the EDP system within close reach, on some others, such as the Turbofarmer models, the switches are located on different control panels.

Of Note:

Once put into play, the EDP controls the engine revolutions proportionally to the use of the joystick. The further forward the joystick is pushed, the greater the engine revolutions.

Speed/Cruise Control:

  • Toggle to the on position. When engaged correctly, the toggle will illuminate.
  • Press the accelerator to obtain the desired speed.
  • On the steering column is the machine directional control lever. Push in for 5 seconds to lock the speed.
  • To disengage:
    1. Press the toggle; illumination is off, or
    2. Slide the forward lever into neutral, or
    3. Tap the brake (just as in a motor vehicle).

Heavy Load:

  • To engage, press the Heavy Load Toggle. This is normal operation of the telehandler.
  • Eco Mode limits the RPM.
  • Power is NOT limited, thanks to the load sensing pumps.
  • To disengage, press the Heavy Load switch.

Of Note:

If the EPD is not turned off, an operator will hear the engine revving at higher speeds.

Reactive Joystick:

  • Turn the Switch Control located on the dashboard. (Remember: depending on the machine model, the location varies.)
  • Turn the knob-dial from zero (standard operating rpm, around 500) to the right to obtain the engine revolutions needed for the correct hydraulic flow for the particular application.
  • Engage the joystick. The engine will return to idle when the joystick is inactive.
  • To disengage:
    1. Press the switch. You can hear the engine rev
    2. Turn the dial back to minimum.

When in doubt, read the manual

In every instruction manual (included with each machine) is a page dedicated to optimum usage of Merlo’s EPD system and joystick usage. It can be found in Module 1, Section 3, Controls and Instruments.

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