Merlo Tech Talk: Dashboard Indicator Panel

Merlo Tech Talk: Dashboard Indicator Panel

The Indicator/Symbol Panel on the dashboard holds important information.

Strategically placed on the dashboard, the symbol/indicator panel has 32 icons. This is standard across all machines. Not all icons pertain to all machines. Select symbols that pertain to all machines are explained below. When lit, each symbol has a message for the operator, and by extension for a technician.

There are two levels of lit indicators:

  • When an error occurs
  • When a function is engaged

Explanation of the symbols and their corresponding index number is in every Instruction manual.  Module 1 Section 3 Controls and Instruments

Lit indicators inform of function, errors, and safety. Using the nomenclature found in the instruction manuals, here (depending on model) are the most seen indicators:

Lights that show only when there is an error:

208—Low Steering System Pressure – Only if engine is running. Pull over and switch off the engine. DO NOT USE THE MACHINE; contact AMS-Merlo service advisors or your local dealer.

207—Maintenance Required – Contact your local dealer, or the AMS-Merlo service advisors. Also, you can work through the self-diagnosis capability outlined in a previous Tech Talk.

235—Assistance Required for Emission Control System – Switch off the engine. Contact your dealer or the AMS-Merlo Service Advisors.

54—Activation of the Load Control System – (Tip over light) If lit, the safety system is registering off balance and possible tip over. Refer to the load control visual on the LCD screen to correct.

Occasional minor error indicators that pertain to all machines (again, referring to the Instruction Manual):

133 – Water in the Fuel – Immediately witch off the engine, drain, and bleed.  Contact  AMS Service Advisors or a local dealer.

230 – Emission Control Malfunction.

231 – Low DEF Level.

232 – Low DEF Level.

233 – Emission Control Temperature is outside operator parameters – Contact AMS Service Advisors or a local dealer.

234 – Emission Control System Cleaning Required.

240 – Emergency Movement Mode – See section 6 in the Instruction Manual.

243 – Safe Status Mode – Contact AMS Service Advisors, or a local dealer.

244 -Attachment Overload – The weight of the load exceeds the permitted value.

Symbols that light up when a function is engaged:

209-Joystick Enabled – indicates joystick control of movements is enabled.

88-Differential is locked.

209-When using boom functions.

245- Beacon light is activated.

239- Bucket mode is engaged.

103-PTO-reverse engaged.

104-PTO-540 RPM.

105-PTO-1,000 RPM.

Still have questions?

Please call our service advisors: 803-327-4949
Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM-3:45 PM and Fridays 7:00 AM-3:15 PM.

After hours cell phone:  704-288-9225

If you are missing the operator manual and would like a copy, please contact our parts department.

During business hours:  803-327-4949


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