Merlo Tech Talk: Balancing Act. Anti-tip Sensors

Merlo Tech Talk: Balancing Act. Anti-tip Sensors

Merlo engineers designed the perfect balance between each Merlo telehandler and the load it handles. This balance ensures many hours of productivity and operator safety. The anti-tip over sensor system is one part of the Merlo Safety System found on all Merlo machines.

When the machine is operating within safe parameters, the visual markers — lit icons on the dashboard, lights on the LCD, or the “safety light tree” on the cab pillar — will be green. There is no audible.

When activated, the sensors have one job: to shut down boom function.

Sensor Activation

Located over the rear wheels (all wheels in Roto models), the anti-tip over sensors trigger when they register too much weight at the front of the boom. It will not matter if the boom is extended or retracted. Triggers can occur:

  • When the rear tires leave the ground, even for a moment, (this includes driving too fast over bumpy, rough terrain)
  • When the front weight “overwhelms” the balance on the rear tires (rear of the machine lifts off the ground, wheels stay on the ground).

Alarm Audible & Visual

An alarm will sound when the sensors activate.  The dashboard icon lights up.  The pillar lights flash yellow into the red. At this point, an operator has two options:

  • Immediately stop the telehandler’s action–driving/lifting/reaching–with this particular load, or
  • Try to move past the alarm to continue the work.

If an operator chooses to try and push through the warnings, the machine’s response will be to immediately stop the boom function.

Getting Back to Safe Operation

To become fully operational again, an operator will need to retract the boom with its load back to safe operational positioning. To do this, the operator will need to override the system using the Red Key. The Red Key is spring activated. The operator must HOLD the key to the right. At the same time engage the joystick to retract the boom safely. Release the key once the boom is within the safe operational position. The warning lights will be green. Audible will cease.

Note: Boom retraction will move slowly.

Note: This key is for SAFE MOVEMENT of the boom after the unit shuts down due to unsafe conditions.


Avoid False Positives

To ensure there are no false positives, it is advised to grease the sensors at every service.

Fittings are orange and located over each rear wheel (all wheels in the Roto models). Apply grease to the far left fitting. Drive the vehicle around without a load for about 10-15 minutes to ensure the grease travels over the entire pin and its housing.

For questions on the anti-tip sensors, Merlo safety system and maintenance of Merlo telehandlers, please contact AMS-Merlo service advisors. Call 803-327-4949.

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