Merlo Tech Talk: Air Filters

Merlo Tech Talk: Air Filters

Air is a critical component to life as well as engine performance. In Heavy Equipment, such as Merlo telehandlers, there are two places where airflow is imperative for effective operation.

Place one: the engine air filter.

There are two filters, an inner and an outer, located within the engine compartment. Engine model dictates the type and size of filters used.

Service Recommendations

It is recommended to check air filters every 50 hours—weekly is even better–for debris saturation. Within normal working conditions, it is highly recommended to change out the engine filters every 500 hours (as outlined in machine maintenance schedule) regardless of what the human eye may “say” is a clean filter. This is the same timeline for changing out fluid filters.

For sites with  very high dust and small particle debris, our techs suggest engine air filters be changed out every 100 hours for optimum engine performance.

Place two: the cabin air filter

Cab filters are in different places in different models. Some models have the filter located behind the seat. Others have it located at the base of seat near the door bottom.

A Cab filter in Merlo telehandlers, just like cab filters in your car, have one job: to ensure air circulation within the enclosed space is free of debris and fine particles. Clean air ensures operator health safety, which translates to higher efficiency.

Behind the seat:

  • Drop the seat back. Remove the screws in the long metal plate. The filter is attached to the plate.

Base of the seat to the right of the open cab door:

  • To remove the cover: remove the two screws (keep an eye on them, as they could disappear.)
  • Loosen the two thumb screws; pull the filter out.

It is recommended that this filter be checked every 50 hours. This is especially important when the Merlo is working in areas of dense dirt and dust particles.

It is highly recommended to change out this filter every 500 hours, the same as for when to change out the fluid filters.

We stock air filters for all Merlo telehandlers. Contact our parts department with:

  • the SAV number
  • serial number, and
  • model of your machine

(While you’re at it — if you have not already– stock up on that 500 hour fluid filter kit, also.)

Still have questions?

Please call our service advisors: 803-327-4949
Monday-Thursday 7:00 AM-3:45 PM and Fridays 7:00 AM-3:15 PM.

After hours cell phone:  704-288-9225

To order filter kits please contact our Parts Department Order form can be found here.

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