Merlo Multifarmers Provide Unmatched Utility

Merlo Multifarmers Provide Unmatched Utility

The Merlo Multifarmer is the one agriculture telehandler that combines the benefits of a heavy-duty telehandler with excellence in conventional tractor applications.  Two models are available:

Unladed weight: 17,600 lbs.
Max Load Cap: 7,500 lbs.
Lift Height: 22’4”
Max Height Load Cap: 7,500 lbs.
Reach: 12’6”
Max Load at Max Reach: 2,800 lbs.
Deutz 4/136HP
17’10” x 7’4” x 8’2″

Unladed weight: 20,100 lbs.
Max Load Cap.: 8,800 lbs.
Lift Height: 28’9”
Max Height Load Cap; 6,500 lbs.
Reach:  19’0”
Max Load at Max Reach:  1,750 lbs.
Iveco 4/170HP
18’ x 7’9’ x 8’3”

Multifarmers have many standard featuresMerlo Multifarmer PTO
Frame leveling, CDC Dynamic Load Control system (reporting in real-time), hydraulic load sensing pump, multi-functional armrest with an electromechanical joystick, hydrostatic transmission, and electronic PTO. The 3-point hitch, with hydraulic distributors, is designed to accept any implement used by conventional tractors, having the same power, for soil preparation and haulage operations


Merlo cab features are considered the best in the market

Merlo perfected its cab design by building upon its already best-in-class features. It offers the largest cab within its class, a wide, easy-access split doorway, and a hydro-pneumatic suspension package. Plus, the “automotive feel” dashboard offers easy, ergonomic access to the machine controls. There is an eight vent AC/heat system. For better airflow and quality, the real estate on the door side of the cab holds anti-pollen filters. The new cab design extends the optimal 360-degree operator visibility with the “Merlo Sky-View” curved windshield for maximum visibility. Multifarmers are equipped with a “Fan Drive” system that changes fan rotation to clear air clogging debris.

Multifarmers love attachments and more
Forks are standard. Multifarmers accept many attachments, such as clamps, grippers, hooks, and several bucket configurations. The no- flex boom ups its capabilities to include ground engaging activities. For more versatility, adding a skid steer adaptor allows Multifarmers to quickly operate even more attachments. Options, such as pre-arrangement for work platforms, and different suspension systems, are available that will make the Merlo Multifarmer compatible with specific applications.

Contact AMS, or your local dealer to learn more about the Multifarmer. telehandlers.803-327-4949,, web:

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