New For 2022-23:

The Award-winning Merlo DBM 3500
Compact Cement Mixer for Difficult-to-reach Spaces

Agile & Adaptable

Engineered to be first-in-agility, with features such as sharp angles of inclination, a tight turning radius, and a reduced vehicle footprint,  the Merlo DBM 3500 is the perfect cement mixer for projects that need a machine that can fit into narrow, or hard-to-reach areas on the job site.

Additionally, the DBM 3500 features a large-capacity water tank, allowing this cement mixer to operate longer without refilling. This can save crucial time in areas with restricted access to a water supply.

Merlo DBM 3500:

One of Concrete Contractor's 2022 Top Products

Recognized for helping concrete contractors work smarter ... not harder.

AMS-Merlo is honored to receive the distinction of being named to the 2022 Top Products list by Concrete Contractor.

This award recognizes the attention the products, tools, and equipment captured from readers of the Concrete Contractor magazine as well as the construction professionals on

The modern concrete industry pushes contractors to work smarter, more productive, and be as efficient as possible. The products chosen for this year’s awards were designed to not only help overcome the challenges contractors face on a daily basis but do so with innovative ideas and the ingenuity for them to be successful in the years to come.


The DBM 3500 features a hydraulic water system composed of a self-priming pump (66 gal./min.) with a 3-way diverter to the barrel, tank, or the 20′ hose with washing lance. A gallon counter placed on the dashboard (and on the ground controls) regulates the amount of water delivered into the barrel and the lance.

One unique feature of the DBM 3500– the ground controls replicate controls found in the cab. This allows an operator to control engine acceleration, water pump activation, drum rotation, barrel lift, chute lift and emergency stop, all from the ground.

The maximum unloading height of the discharge chute is 6’10”. This hydraulically lifted and adjustable chute (+/- 90°) and its two 10′ extensions are standard. The unloading chute can be seamlessly controlled from the cab or the ground.

The mixing drum sits on a ‘fifth wheel’ allowing 180º lateral rotation. This lateral rotation, in tandem with the vertical tilt capability,  allows the DBM 3500 to discharge concrete up to 330º around the machine.

  • Dedicated Hydraulic System for Barrel Rotation
  • Service Hydraulic System
  • High Unloading Point
  • Lateral Jet– Even While Machine is Moving
  • New Cast Axles with RR700 Wheel Reducers
  • Merlo Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Dynamic Braking
  • High Transmission Efficiency
  • Precise Movements
  • 330° Concrete Discharge
  • High Strength Steel Bearing Structure
  • Enclosed Cab
  • Split Control for Driving in Both Directions
  • Rotating Seat
  • 4-Wheel Steering + Three Steering Types
  • Automatic Parking Brake
  • Steel Mudguards


The Merlo DBM 3500 is a self-contained mini cement mixer, featuring a drum volume of 1,321 gallons delivering 4.6 cu/yd of concrete.

The self-loading bucket handles up to 25 cu/ft of aggregate at each load cycle.

The pump moves water at a rate of 66 gallons/minute into the mixing drum, allowing up to 37.7 cu/ft of concrete to be made in less than 15 minutes.

  • Concrete Yield: 4.6 cu/yd
  • Drum Volume: 6.5 cu/yd
  • Water Tank Capacity: 246 gal.
  • Total unladen mass: 16,315 lbs.
  • Engine: Deutz TCD3.6 Engine (101 HP)
  • Maximum speed: 25 mph
  • Drum Rotation Speed: 0 ÷ 18 Tr/Min
  • Standard Tires: 18-19.5
  • Dimensions: 18’ x 7’7″  x 12’8″
  • Ground clearance: 1’4″
  • Max Unloading Height: 6’10″

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