Merlo Telehandler Stabilizers for Maximum Safety

Merlo Telehandler Stabilizers for Maximum Safety

Merlo designed its expansive range of telehandlers to meet the requirements of many jobs looking for specific lift and reach, weight capacities, and levels of safety.  Within this range are two families of machines that meet and exceed the call for extra stability: the Panoramic with stabilizers, and the ROTO with multi-positional stabilizers.

Panoramic models with front-mounted stabilizers 

Merlo Panoramics are high capacity telehandlers handling weights from 15,000 to 26,500 lbs. and lift heights to 59’0″. Stabilizers add to the safety of the machine, the load, and the operator. These machines are often called for when working on questionable job site terrain, or within a job that mandates extra stability and safety.

The two stabilizers are mounted directly on the front axle. Operator controlled, they are multi-positional with a flexible footpad providing for safe placement on sloping and uneven terrain. When activated, the stabilizers work in conjunction with the machine’s frame leveling feature. This ensures the machine will safely operate at full capacity.

The Panoramic stabilizers are configured to stay within the width of the machine, even when fully deployed. Plus, with this configuration, machine travel is safer and frontal visibility is guaranteed at all times.

ROTO Models with multi-positional telescopic stabilizers 

With lift heights up to 115’ and load capacities over 15,000 lbs., the Merlo ROTO’s multi-positional telescopic stabilizers ensure safe placement of loads and personnel. Structured to facilitate rapid and safe deployment, these stabilizers are adjustable based on the operational conditions of the site. The exclusive design of the telescopic stabilizers guarantees stabilization from its retracted position to its maximum extension.

Operators have two choices for deploying the stabilizers. By managing the stabilizers independently, it is possible to correct ground slope and vary the stability plan according to the conditions of the site.

Or, the operator activates the ROTO’s automatic stabilizing and leveling feature. This feature ensures the correct positioning of the machine without the operator’s input. Within each stabilizer are sensors that transmit in real-time the stabilizers’ position to the onboard safety system. The load diagram adjusts automatically based on the position and the stabilization area. ROTO stabilizers are very compact, even at full extension.

To increase each stabilizer’s support surface, footplates are available. This is especially beneficial for soft ground job sites.

See the Merlo Roto and Panoramic models stabilizers go through their entire range of action here.

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