Compact Telehandlers

Merlo compact telehandlers pack big performance into a small machine.  Compact telehandlers can take many attachments such as large volume buckets, and hook on carriage.  The compact telehandlers feature cab heights of 6'2", widths of 6', maximum lift heights at 20', and maximum lifting capacity at 5,900 lbs.  Merlo compact telehandlers perfectly match small scale applications and restricted work environments across all industries, wherever concentrated power and maneuverability  is needed.

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Compact P27.6 Plus

  • Max. Load Cap: 5,900 LBS
  • Max. Lift Height: 20' 0"
  • Max. Reach: 11' 5"

Compact TF30.9

  • Max. Load Cap: 6,600 LBS
  • Max. Lift Height: 28' 2"
  • Max. Reach: 18' 7"